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Default Re: Drum Mics

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
Will SM57s work as overheads? I don't want to spend $350 x 2 on SM81s, and I could easily pick up 3 SM57s for about $150 (one for the snare while I'm at it).

Hey Stu.

As I understand it, the 57s will be fine, but a pair of condensors would be better as overheads. The reason being that the condensors are better at picking up transients so you'll get a much better cymbal sound from them than you will from the 57s. i.e. the condensors will do a better job with those beautiful high freqs. from your cymbals. This is so, apparently, due to the fact that condensors are more sensitive than dynamic mics, like the Shure 57, and they are put into motion more quickly, etc... Definitely go for the 57 for your snare, though.


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