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Originally Posted by MyNameIsRyan
Look at Phil Rudd, he's a great drummer and never played anything too complicated. I think Travis is overrated because way too many non-drummers see him and think speed is the only factor that makes a drummer good. He is good, but not great.
My name is Lee

Just goin thru these posts, I have to completely agree with you...I didn't look up your profile & don't know your experience or age but you make a great point, and I have to assume you are a professional & serious drummer.

The most asked question is Q: So who is the greatest drummer in the world ??

My Answer is: Theres way too many to count...and way too many varieties of styles to distinguish and point out 1 specific drummer as being the best.

I ask..would "AC/DC" be as solid & groove oriented rock as they are if Neil Peart was their drummer ....and would "Rush" be as progressive and unique in their odd time playing with Phil Rudd's style of playing ?

No, both bands would be weaker in getting their musical point across, but it doesn't make 1 drummer better or worse than the other...I consider them both top of their field in music & drumming ability...

As far as Travis Barker...I respect that he has been noticed in this business, but as a drummer I believe the fact that his bands record sales where high, he has a ton of tattoo's and VH1 did a "Meet the Barkers" show is the only reason Travis gets the notoriety & exposure he has nothing to do with his unimpressive drumming....

Lee Mangano
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