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Default Re: Zildjian232

Originally Posted by TC_759
most people on this forum have logical opinions, and can back them up. others are very ignorant of what a good drummer sounds like. opinions like this come from little experience and incorrect knowledge, or just plain arrogance. If some one says "i can play all that new stuff." or "its not that hard at all." i dont buy it. if you posted a recording of you playing those songs and then compared it to barker's work on that album would it be comparable? Could you match his timing, feel, dynamics, etc.. ? if you could it would be impressive, if not they just may be a little more challenging than you thought.

you may be right, but that is not why im responding, i am responding becasue those are some of the main reasons i like his music.. on all the recordings ive loved the way his drums sounded so much on so many different albums..
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