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Default Re: Drum Mics

Look into "Nady". They are 180US(? I think, I don't know the conversion rate that well) for the DMK-7 pack. 4 x snare/tom mics, 2 x cymbal mics, 1 bass mic. I read a lot of reviews by a lot of surprised people, e.g. (this is along the ines, not an actual quote)

I was expecting bad quality mics for the money, but these actually recorded better than some more expensive mics! Can't beat a Shure SM58(7?) for the snare though. They took about an hour to set up good, keep them close to the heads. The bass mic sounds great with some EQ'ing!
They were the responses that seemed to be the most common. They are available on

Hope there was some help there!
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