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Originally Posted by LinearDrummer
Weckl changing his approach cause of Vinnie ...ahhhh - if you say so.....

Don't get me wrong - I respect Vinnie's abilities as a player but c'mon now....Weckl and Vinnie has two different styles and if there is anyone Dave looks up to its Gadd...

Its pretty funny how everyone can watch the same video and analyze chops entirely different than another...
From what I remember in a Weckl interview ( discussing his change to the Gruber method ) , he mentioned being impressed with Vinnie's looser technical approach after that show , and got Weckl thinking about his technique .

Take that for what it is ( you can do your own homework on it , and I don't throw this out there to just hear myself talk , or to impress you ) , but that's what I've read on it .

Gadd is to Weckl as is Tony Williams is to Vinnie . Again , do your own homework on it , before dismissing anything .
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