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Originally Posted by somedrummer
First, I wonder how Neil is able to play his tom setup the way it is, with them starting all the way above his high hat with approx. 6 inch intervals (from what I can tell) between 8" and 10", 10" and 12". It seems as though it would be nearly impossible to do anything other than go down the toms, and even that looks uncomfortable to me.
Well when you have the same setup for the most part of 30 years at some point you should be comfortable with it :-)

He goes down the toms from left to right of course but he also goes from right to left starting on the floor especially from the older songs....The 8 and 10 are used alot with quick strike rolls and accents when he does his reggae type feels...

I did notice that when he was experimenting with the traditional grip they weren't used as much as before...maybe thats why he went back to match the early days he was all over them....
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