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Default Previously-unheard concert clips of Buddy Rich

Hi everybody,

The page I've created at continues to grow...

I've just gotten some materials out of storage, which enabled me to post 3 new concerts of Buddy and his band, which I know you'll enjoy.

The best one is a complete two-set concert from Columbus, Ohio, in mid 1973. It's a good quality recording made from the sound board, on a 4-channel reel-to-reel, and has some real "moments" on it, including an especially-funky version of "Paul's Tune", which first appeared on the "Different Drummer" album. (recorded by the sound man)

There's a nightclub performance from February 20th, 1974, which shows how a pro band deals with odd circumstances. There's no bass player! Check it out... filled with awesome playing by Lin Biviano, Pat LaBarbara, and the rest of Buddy's great players at the time. (recorded by me)

The third one i've added is a horrible recording, but fans would probably rather hear it than not. The band plays great... It's the technical end of the recording that's bad. It's from an appearance at the "Executive Inn", in Evansville, Indiana, from 1984. (recorded by the sound man there, at the time)

As always, these are completely free for you to download. I know you'll enjoy them.

Have fun, and happy gigging!
- Mike James
- Mike James
(Free book download, "Drumming for Life™")
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