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Default Re: Neil Peart

Having watched through R30 a few times now, I have a few questions. (I apologize if these things have already been discussed here and please point me in the right direction).

First, I wonder how Neil is able to play his tom setup the way it is, with them starting all the way above his high hat with approx. 6 inch intervals (from what I can tell) between 8" and 10", 10" and 12". It seems as though it would be nearly impossible to do anything other than go down the toms, and even that looks uncomfortable to me. While I respect his playing and ability as a drummer, I am unable to comprehend how this setup makes logical sense (not a personal attack, just trying to understand).

Secondly, my mom and I were wondering about the washer and dryer and other appliances on stage with the band. I'm sure there must be some story behind them, but what is it?

Third, I think Rush is a really great band. I find all their music (that which I have heard) to be insightful, and I realized that they work very well together as a unit, in the power trio format that they are in. Geddy gets the vocals for his spotlight, Alex has the guitar which naturally gets some spotlight, and Neils drum parts work together well and are interesting enough that he gets some spotlight too.
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