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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

well, i come from a really musical family, my father plays the piano/organ, as well as guitar and back in the day he used to mess around on his fathers drums. his father played drums, piano, trumpet and some guitar as well, while my moms dad was exactly the same, but with the sax. was a pity they never really got to meet, as my paternal grandfather died a year before the wedding, two years after i was born.

anyways, i've always been around music, my dad was the president of a football club and most nights when i was little i would fall asleep literally right next to the speakers in the bar. when i was just about to enter high school, i decided i wanted to get in to music, and it was when my dad said that "any drunk in a bar thinks he's a lead guitarist" coupled with the fact that i was constantly tapping out beats on my lunch box when they played during break or whenever, that i decided that i was going to be a drummer. not for fame, but purely so i could ligitimaly sit in with my friends and play an instrument. i knew from the first instant that i sat down behind a kit in my teachers studio that this was for me. now, after the relatively short time of three years behind a kit, i can honestly say that i still feel that same rush i got from when i first sat on a throne. drumming has become who i am almost, and i want to become good enough to play professionally so that people will hear my passion for music, and hopefully become passionate about it too.
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