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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

Hey Folks! Just found this forum tonight through a fellow drummer.

real name? Barry
age? 40+
how long been playing? 30+ years
origin of user name? company name
top 5 drummers? Carter Beauford, Steve Gadd, Todd Suchermann, Scott Rockenfield, Scott Rockenfield, etc.....
make of drumkit? Pearl
make of cymbal? Istanbul Agop & Alchemy Professional
where do you practice? Own Studio
are you in a band/s? Several
covers or originals? Mostly Original
what style of music? Rock
favourite take out food? Sushi
country? Yuchhh.....the music that is. USA !
one really odd fact about yourself? Medically speaking?
how did you start drumming? Just came naturally when I was about 7 years old. Started professionally right around 21. Now semi-retired.