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Originally Posted by Jaymasta
I found one drum solo by Tommy I'm sure there's more if anyone can find any but this one is pretty cool the interesting thing about Tommy's solo's is he's doing something cool with his drumset it's amazing he played a solo 50 feet above the audience It's not that he wants to make his solo's sound perfect he just want's to have fun and make his solo's look cool by either playing upside down, in a cage, Fire etc..... although his solo's (musically) didn't really impress the crowd. He's a good drummer If I ever do a solo live I would want to be upside down or above the crowd in this globe thingy that would be so cool :D anyways check his solo out...

It's not a bad solo in my opinion but listening to it and the speed of some of his double bass patterns incorporating the cowbell is very cool and something that I would love to hear the others on here that are bashing him, try to duplicate.
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