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Default Re: Travis Barker

this is directed to Zildjian232:

firstly i think you are making claims that one, you cant prove or logically support, and two, you have no idea what Travis is thinking and or doing... your taking videos and and trying to claim that "hes bouncing in his seat" b/c hes goten big headed? hes always done that.. i really dont think that any one, me included, can make claims such as that.. you have no idea, and will not have any idea why Travis does the things he does unless he tells you himself.. but i can tell you this: that you sound like your out trying to rip travis a new one, you cant say Blink broke up cause of Travis... give logical evidence rather than your personal opinion... and what facts have you got that he has become big headed.... i mean every single video ive seen of him he was always talking about trying to improve and progress and just stay busy cause he loves different types of music and just playing... and he seemed humble.. and yes i am a fan of him but im not delusional and trying to claim hes the best/fastest or what ever you want to sterotype me with i just like his music.. im just geting rather tired of reading posts that say "TRAVIS ROXoX" and posts like "travis is the worst thing that stepped behind a kit, and hes a jerk".. i can understand you saying "im not into his music" or its "not my style" or hell "i think hes just mediocre or sucks" but to say hes goten bigheaded and is the cause of blink's breakup is just ludicris... sorry for the long post, but i think your way out of line with some of your statements, but i respect your opinion of his skill level, and that is not what im questioning.. just you have made some outrageously wrong claims...
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