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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

I would not consider myself a pro, but I can tell you this.
I've been playing drums for about three and a half years and tried a lot of different sticks. Ones would last 1 week while others would last 4 months (Vic Firth Rock 7A, which are WAY too big in my opinion). Of course, when I was more of a beginner, I did not notice the differences in sticks sizes. Now I have found the ones for me. It happens to be : - Zildjian 5B wood sticks
- Pro Mark Millenium II 5A
(Both are made from american hickory)

They last approximately 1 and a half month to 2 months each for me on a religious 2 hrs pratice session per day. I am not a hard hardcore metal hitter, but I still hit quite hard. They are solid enough, because I never broke these in two, it's just the tip that looses chips after 4-5 weeks of use.

I mostly practice on Rush, Dream Theater and System of a Down, so it can give you an idea of my hit style and strengh. I use both traditional and match grip.
Sorry for the long post, I am one of those who love to speak and elaborate. Hope it could help!
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