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i remember watching a video on blinks site where Tom is playing some gutair riff he made up. and the camera goes to travis and he says " thats jus ok, its medioker" making fun of his long time band mate. and i remember there was a video of him playing drums to some song. at the end the camera guy was like "wow thats great" and travis responded " yeah im just warming up, i was just flowing"


Be careful what you say. Sorry you are wrong. The video where Tom is playing a riff and Travis says "that's okay...," he was kidding of course. The video where Travis is freestyling while Mark is playing bass, Travis does not say he was "warming up." He said, "I was just freestyling because we never played that song before, that was me speaking to my drums.' It's people like you who exaggerate videos/stories like these and stretch them to be false. Before you write something like that, make sure you know blink-182 well.

As for Tom and his new band, it's very catchy, cool- whatever. I just read an article where he says he hasn't talked to Mark or Travis in over SEVERAL months. What kind of a friend is that? And I am so tired of Tom making a global announcement of how Angels and Airwaves is going to revolutionize rock.....the new cd is good and all.. but it sounds like he just listened to U2 all day.(which he said he pretty much did) ..then made a record...
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