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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by Zildjian232
drum lessons are great but there is so much information out there. having a drum teacher is probley the best thing. having someone with years and years of expericance help you is always a plus but,You can be a great drummer without lessons. john bonham and buddy rich were self taught. You can practice your rudiments, do coordination and speed exercises, go all over the internet and get information how to read and write, differnt beats, differnt styles. I did drumline for several years i can send you some things if you like. i think one of the things that probley help my progress is listeing to a loooooot of drummers and listening to a wide range of music. i study drummers such as danny carey, mike portnoy,thomas lang, and Billy ward :). When i study difernt drummers i really concentrate. i begin to notice fills they like to do, how they phrase there music, how they switch up beats, how they play in certain situations. when you have all your inflences figured out, then you can interpet your thoughts and ideas through the drumming. i take danny careys power and complexity, mike portnoys use of stack cymbals and sweet dbl kick fills, thomas langs intense coordination and speed, and billy wards ideas and ways of playing that i got from his dvd( not saying you dont have the above). yeah i knnow this is a long post but im stuck watching my sister for a couple hours, so theres my 2 cents

just message me and ill be glad to send you some exercises
Thanks! But this is going to be my last post/message because my mom found out that I was posting. She got crazy thinking her daughter's going to be raped or something like that. She said she'll take away the internet if I post again. Nice talking to all you DW folks!
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