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All I know is Mike Portnoy is in the Modern Drummer hall of fame for his contributions to drumming. I have not seen a complete list of all the musicians who are in the hall of fame, but I am pretty sure they are all fantastic musicians.
As for the flaming Portnoy that is one's perogative, however, another professional drummer should remember that others may make similar comments based on what they have heard about you.
I don't post much, but, I enjoy reading the posts. Hopefully this forum can be a place where drummers can exchange information, be a fan club for drummers who catch their ear, and give advice to leverage our skills as drummers. So in my humble opinion, if a person does not like the playing style of a particular drummer or thinks they are not all that good, why say something at all. I am sure there might have been people back in the day who though that Gene Krupa sucked. All I know is I see more and more slamming of drummers on this forum, and I think it sucks. Perhaps we can start a web site called so we can have more constructive threads on this one.

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