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like i said in my previous post. i can play all that new stuff. there decent but thats all the credit im going to give it. its not that hard at all. i never did like scott. he was just to boring listen to d***lips on there old album verses the part travis did on mark tom and travis show.

i forgot to put in my whole point about him head butting his drums. its now just a image thing? can you see it. I saw the preformance of him playing "i miss you" on pepsi smash. hes moving way to much. its beyound going with the rrhytem or a little showsmanship, its just getting ridiculous now. look at his new solo that was on his show. hes bouncing on the seat when all hes doing is 16th notes over the toms. hes all about image now, you cant see that? hes playing for all those rapers trying to put out a hardcore punker image. look at him during the days of take off your pants and jacket. he was mellow. he just had a skater kind of style to him, he was obviously the beter musician of the 3 but he had his head on.

i remember watching a video on blinks site where Tom is playing some gutair riff he made up. and the camera goes to travis and he says " thats jus ok, its medioker" making fun of his long time band mate. and i remember there was a video of him playing drums to some song. at the end the camera guy was like "wow thats great" and travis responded " yeah im just warming up, i was just flowing"

thats just some of the examples. and Tom being serious? i saw all those vdis. hes just as perverted and funny as before.(not that its a bad thing, hes a funny guy) the band wanted to put out a more serious album, probley matured a little bit by age, but i dont think they broke up becasue mark and tom lost there sense of humor. im 99% its becaue of travis's big head
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