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there're a few thing I agree and a few thinks i don't.
First i think the old drummer scott was terrible, too. He was just playing the same, easy, boring beat. When Travis came into the band many things changend, I think think he took blink to a new level and they would have been that famous without him.
But I don't agree with the point that the last album(the drum parts) were bad. I think they were better than the last things he did and it was pretty much the best i have ever heard on a Punk cd. If you try to play it, i do, you'll see it's really difficult.
The point that he's bumping his heat that hard....mhm of course it is a lot of show but i think i looks really cool and passionate and you see that he put all his energie in the drums and maybe when he started he already bumped his head a bit and it became more and

But u think he deserves the fame because he was always since he was in blink like the third unfunny guy who can play the drumms really good, and the people recognized him and said oh he's cool and i think that just his time now!!!

But I don't think he is the reason for the Blink "hiatus". I really think it Tom because he changed so lot and became so serious, if you look at Box Car Racer and the last blink album and the new Angels and Airwaves album i think there was no place for the serious things in Blink cause blink was always funny and that would be to strange.
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