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joooooohn booooooonahm.

there was always something about his drumming. everyone knows he wasnt as good as peart or bozzio, but he had so much power and feel. i enjoy the drumming from kashmir more than the drumming of peart in YYZ . when i wtch the zeppelin concert dvds im just overwhemled. its a certain feeling i get everytime he starts playing. Every single note he played will be the only notes you should play if you play a zeppelin song. The outro of " the rain song" is a great example of his power. His drumsound is something that will never ever be reproduced. Even if you get a oringal JB drumkit he played, you still cant. HES JOHN BONHAM! im sure he can get a 18' bass drum and a piccolo snare and make that kick sound like a 24' and that snare sound like a 14inch snare. The only drummer ive seen come close to bohnam is danny carey. his drumsound is phenomonal and the way he plays has just as much power and bonhams. like that triplet beat he was doing in the middle of aneima. i know this isnt a danny carey forum but if a drummer is powerful, then you can feel it

john bonahm is a legend and he has my ulimate respect

long live bonzo!
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