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i admit it, i use to be one of those "traivs is god!" guys. my music taste broadend, i started to listen to zeppelin, tool, and dreamtheater. I remember being able to play every blink song including all that new stuff(i probley still can, i think its stuck in my head for eternity), and saying "now what". i remember trying to play anemia or schism for the first time and yelling at my drumset. then i realized how good travis barker really is.

like people said before he was deemed a "god" because his band was so popualr, but im not going to just bag on travis and his lack of skill. I liked his earlier stuff. when you listen to tere really early stuff when they had that other drummer scott, it was really bad, but then when they switched to travis you could notice the music had changed for the better. enema of the state and the mark tom and travis show, i think were good. its not like watching a boot leg vid of danny careys 7/8 solo in 46&2, but the drumming fit just like danny careys solo. the pants and jacket album was good. you should go find the stay together for the kids preformance on jay leno. i thought it was really good. its not like woooow but, he put all the fills in the right spots. and also the box car racer album. if you havnt heard it you shuld take a listen. he puts the right fills in the right spots in every song.

this new travis from the new self titled album was terrible. he just corrupted now. ive seen the vids on the blink site. the ego has gone to his head. he makes fun of tom and mark, and you can tell he loves himself and thinks hes god. His drumming has definley has been hurt because of that. and have you seen how much he moves his body. he could be doing a simple snare on 2 and 4 beat and still be boobing his head like he was trying to head butt his drums. and i think thats why blink broke up, beacuse travis's fame went to his head and there chemistry didnt work out anymore wtih the band.

well anyways, ive wanted to get that off my chest for a while so there it is. im completley over travis and i dont see myself being interested in any of his stuff that will come out in the future.
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