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Ok.. I have actually dedicated a bit of time recently paying attention to Joey's work.

First off... on the Disasterpieces DVD.. his solo sucked. The reason I say that is... he can play much better than what he did. I agree that it was all just crowd pleasing... especially to those who are not drummers. It was kinda sad to see nothing but double bass, snare/tom rolls and some cymbal crashes. Plus.. it was kind of sloppy. (Granted, he was on a moving drum riser). I have watched that solo atleast 100 times. And, I find myself fast forwarding through it, or... watching the VIP section instead.

Joey is a really great drummer. He backs Slipknot perfectly. Slipknot is not a band for everyone. Some like it, some dont. Personally.. I'm nearing 30 years old, and I love them. I just love music that makes you want to literally jump.

Joey impresses me greatly. He never used to... but.. that was due to my lack of desire to give him due attention previously.

Something that I really enjoy.. is the way Corey (Lead Singer) and Joey play off of eachother in vocal arrangement and beats. Thats pretty killer.

All in all, Joey is a grade A drummer, that IS and WILL BE an influence on the younger generation of drummers. When it comes to thrash/metal... I'm really excited to see the next generation of Joey's that are comming up.

So... if your 555 then I'm................
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