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Default Re: mics

to be honest im audix loyal. I recently had to buy a set of drum mics and i went with audix. They sound phenomenal. I play in a self produce, self managed, self recorded, self mastered band. basically we do everything.

The audix d6 will rip your heart out (if needed to) It can also give you taht fatt bass thump. very versitile. very nice kick mic. i bought the fusuion 6 pack for everything else. when recording i used a sm57 for the snare but other than that i use the fusion kit. The f10/12 mics are great. get nice tone; realistic. Also whats nice is they pickup just the right amount of low end. What caught me off gaurd was the overheads!! usually you buy a package mic kit and your overhead are the first to go. not in this case. These overheads are very nice. penicil compressors. They sound great. It makes ym cymbals sound better than real life. i like them alot. also good for instrument micing.

All these mics can be inter used with instrument micing. We have used the f12 for bass cab micing, and the f10 for guitar can micing, Of course when recording everything is done separately with several compressors and blah blah. thats another thread. these mics are also heavy duty. very tough. trust audix. you wont regret it
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