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Default Re: mics

Originally Posted by k3ng
Thank you for the input guys.

Any other example brands/models for mics? I just need a rough idea before going shopping..
Bear in mind this is micing from medium large hall live playing, not recording (I think there's a difference right?)

Also, I know most mic-ed up drums are tuned with less resonance etc etc, but what if the drum were to maintain it's more ringy tuning, is there a different set of mics to use?

Does the Hi Hat need to have it's own mic or can it do without?

For bass drum micing, how different is the position of mic(outside resonant head/inside bass drum) and bass drum hole size in the resonant head going to affect the sound? Or the choice of equipment for that matter
Hi again, K3ng.

I use Shure, Rode and Behringer, but there are tons of others.

My drums ring nicely, and I haven't felt the urge to change that for recording... sounds pretty good to my ear.

Your hats are actually quite loud, and if mic'ed properly through the overheads, there won't really be a need IMO to add another mic just for them.

I have a Shure Beta52A inside of my bassdrum roughly in the middle of the drum on a small pillow, facig the beater. It really picks up the 'boom' of the drum. I also have a room mic (Rode large diaphram condensor) that's about 8 feet away and it picks up some of the attack from the beater. My drum has both heads intact (I feed the wire from the mic through the holes where my toms used to be attached-they're now on a rack). Getting the sound that I wanted from my bass drum was the most difficult thing, for me.


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