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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by billy ward
Tell your parents that music teaches ABSTRACT THOUGHT better than anything else in the world. With today's uncertain future, being able to adapt to new surroundings is essential. This is why, when computers first came out, they were hiring musicians to become computer programmers. We can jump all over abstract concepts - becasue that's what we do!

(maybe they will buy that nd get you a teacher!) :D
-good luck!
I don't think I was very descriptive as to why my parents won't let me get lessons. My dad sometimes gets a lot of money and sometimes we get just enough to get by on. He's a self employed lawyer. This is one of his not so good years but things are looking up. My siblings have had music lessons and my parents both play guitar so they are in no way opposed to music. But thanks learn something new everyday!
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