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what would be if he would be better?
I think it wouldn't change anyything! Maybe his drummsolos would be better but thats nothing what a good drumm has to be good in. He already does the maximum you can do in punk-pop song and I think he is the best who combines speed and skills. And if you look at songs like Anthem Part 2 or Here's a letter for you or most of the songs at the last Blink 182 Album you see hoe great he his. And one more different is that he is able to record the whole drum parts just in 2 oder 3 days like he did at Enema of the State and Take off your Pants and Jackets. And there're videos from the recording of the last Blink Album where you can see that he plays a song just by trying different stuff and putting it togehther, and it sounds f****** awesome!!!
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