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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Hi Steve,
Much respect to you and thank you for your patience and graciousness in handling all of the questions. I am a purist as far as drum sounds go and I am a tuning fanatic. I've been playing and kind of teching for pro drummers for 30 plus years. My question involves the type of tuning that you use with toms. Do you tune to specific notes? Do you tune the bottom head tighter to control sustain? Do you use the DW method of tuning to the note stamped on the shell with Tommy's kit? In general, I tend to tune to pitches and intervals, with bottom heads tighter, depending on the kit and the sound desired. Just wondered if you do the same or have certain guidelines that you follow. Thank you and forgive me if this question was already answered, there are so many posts that it's hard to find specifics. Thanks again and take care!

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