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I just wanted to say something!!! You're right if you are saying Travis isn't the best drummer in the world and noone ever said that including Travis hisself. But if you look at most of the other Punk/Rock/Pop whatever drummer you'll see that he is pretty much the best. Maybe there are a few who have the same skills like he, but if they have they don't show it in the songs. If you comapare a Blink 182 song and anyother well known song you'll notice that he has the great abilityto put difficult stuff in the song. He doesn't just plays the same easy s*** everybody does. The one thing is being a good drummer and to have skills but the other thing is to use these skills in the songs and that's the thing that makes him so good.
And the other point that he doesn't deserves all he reaches is not right, too he is just a lucky guy who was at the right time at the right place and that's it. And why should he improve his skills they are fu***** awesome!!! He has everything he wants why should he imporve his style!!! His Motto is: ,,Life fast die fun" and that's how his life looks to me!!!

(I'm 16 and from Germany so there might be some mistakes)
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