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Default Re: mics

Originally Posted by k3ng
I need as much info as can be provided about micing equipment

What kind of mics are used? Do drum mics use compressors?
Are there any example models that you can give me?

This is micing up for large hall playing


Hi K3ng.

Usually (but not always) dynamics for the drums with large dynamics used for kick and sometimes floor toms, and condensors for overheads/close cymbal mic'ing with large condensors sometimes used for room mics.

Dynamics generally handle high sound pressure levels from drums like the kick and the snare better than condensors do. Condensors, because they are more sensitive to transients are usually used for cymbals and overheads.

Some engineers add compression to the drums, most often I believe, to the kick drum. Gating and other techniques, along with EQ, are often used, as well.

As for examples, I'm not sure what you're looking for and there is an infinite number of ways to mic a kit... using from one mic to well over a dozen... It depends what kind of a sound you're after, how big your kit is and how much you can afford to spend. I guess a good starting point would be a pair of small condensors as overheads, an SM57 for the snare and a Beta52 or something similar for the bass. Keep in mind that my limited experience is in home-recording and while I'm sure the basics are the same, there will be some differences for live mic'ing.


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