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Default Re: Breaking sticks left and right...

Originally Posted by Superlow
Trust me you dont want to try either of those. They don't feel like wood, they don't play like wood, because they are not wood. I have your problem with breaking lots of sticks. I suck it up because I play hard and I enjoy playing hard. I like the Vater sticks, they do seem a bit more dense sometimes that some of the VF's. If you like 5B I highly recommend the Vater Chad Smith Funk Blasters.

Fair enough, the balance and response is different than wood. But for someone that really hits hard, it might be an alternative.

FWIW: I have both to try (carbostick 5b and ahead 2b) and they just don't balance or feel right.

My favorite is either 5b or 747 at this point.
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