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Real name? Pete Limb
Age ? 41
How long playing ? About 30 years
Origin of user name ? It's what the guys in the band call me.
Top 5 drummers ? In no order, Buddy Rich, Bonham, Cobham, Ian paice and Neal Peart
Drumkits, Yamaha maple custom absolute, Big old 70's chrome Ludwig& Roland TD5
Cymbals, Zildjian and Paiste
Practice place? Not often enough allways gigging.
In a band ? Yes a classic rock band and various depping jobs.
Covers or origionals? Both.
Music style? Mainly rock but into everything.
Favourite food? Traditional English Sunday roast.
Country? England.
Odd Fact. I never fancied Lady Diana
How did i start? I joined a juvinile jazz marching band to get close to the majorette.