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Originally Posted by Superlow
Dave is a beast. He is a very influencial rock drummer. Also I have to disagree with Rendevous drummer about him being the only good thing about Nirvana. I rather enjoy the simplicity of the guitar, bass, and lyrics of Nirvana. I think Kurt had something to say in his lyrics. Also I hate to get off topic, But The drummer Joey Castillo of Queens of the Stoneage is a pretty sick drummer. Their other albums are a lot better than the songs for the Deaf album. I find Joey Castiilo has a better pocket than Dave on alot of songs, just an observation.
I found out about the queens by the release of their third album and i immediately they blew me away, still, i got more and more in to it, from the minute i discouvered them they became my favorite band and main influence but as superflow i know it's irritating to go off topic.
So, anyway: i disagree with Superflow saying the other albums are better then songs for the deaf. The best they can get is As Good. Especialy the first album is some serious competition, but i think dave's drumming does it for their 3rd album! he brings so much power to it. To me dave is the drummer for whom i have the most respect, as he got the skills, but feels no need to show them off in every bit he plays, he knows exaclty when to and when not to...
Joey Castillo is a great drummer as well. He is a constant drummer, i like that. Bit of a shame though he only joined the band relatively recently so that he has to he has to play the rythmes queens' drummers before him added to the song. If he had found them himself they would off course fit him better, but still, he's a great support to the band.
The fact that i like dave a little better though are in the details, as in: joey always stays cool live. I respect that. But dave really let's himself go (see liveshows as on Rock Werchter 2003; 3 km from my house :p) when he plays live, he gets one with the music.
Personnaly i think if you can accomplish this - playing any instrument - it gives an extra thrill to yourself and the audience...

But that's only my vision:p
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