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Originally Posted by ad9898
I'm one of dave's biggest fans however he did go through a rough patch in the early 90's, dont care what anyone says on the seasons in the abyss tour he was definately below par (couldn't nail angel of death), and i was hugely dissapointed with his performance on decade of aggression (except chemical warfare which was excellent), in fact dave has said himself recently that he was very dissapointed with his playing on that record. i also believe that according to jeff hanneman dave's double bass on the album version of war assemble was doubled up because dave couldnt pull it off.
Dave admitted to this on the video provided in the 1st entry of this thread. He mentioned that he was having trouble with his double bass during the Seasons in the Abyss tour. This was because Dave was sitting too high. Once he lowered his throne, he was able to regain some control. Here's a recent performance of "War Ensemble":

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