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Lol, I saw slayer with the unholly alliance tour July 3rd, and to be honest, on that kind of proffesional level. I've never seen a band so untight. Solo's we're pretty much just anywhere, and some, er,...most... fills we're completely out of place. At one point near the end of a song where they decided to do a "big noise and crazy stuff sequence" it sounded like pretty much like a bunch of nobody's wailing at their instruments to make noise all at once. It was down to the point where me and my brother would just stare at eachother and start laughing everytime things we're completely out of place, and when the show was over, my stomach was cramped.

I don't know if these guys we're having a bad day or something ( a really really bad day ), but I completely lost any appreciation I had or might have had for this band. And I was even more dissapointed with Lombardo, I thought with all the hype this guy had been getting, he would have been alot more impressive.

I'm probably going to be hated in this thread, but i'm only saying my oppinion.

p.s For those of who you haven't seen the show yet, and are going, and aren't used to slayer, don't worry, Mastodon, Lamb of god, and children kicked ass ( I don't even like children and it was damn good live ).
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