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Originally Posted by figure_02
Maybe...but then again, I belive a group of skilled musicians will make better quality songs...
i agree and disagree...

i agree that it takes skilled musicians to make good quality songs..

i disagree that you have to be super skilled to do better quality songs..

i agree with mikei

Originally Posted by mikei
Most popular groups filled with average musicians and not super musicians. Super musicians make a living by making music that impresses other musicians not the main stream audience.
i can prove that.

try to list down all the good bands whom their drummer isnt anyone who has an artists page on this site.

it'll prolly take up lots of paper just to list that down.

what does that prove?

you dont need a super skilled drummer to create great music.

yeah maybe you can get a better drummer, but if he cant play what the band needs, then its useless.

yeah maybe you can get a better drummer, but what if all you need is a straight 8 rock beat kick on 1 and 3 and snare on 2 and 4? would it make any difference?

the point is, lars isnt a good drummer technically. as a drummer alone, he's nothing next to a professional session drummer.


he plays what is needed, and only what is needed. Metallica doesnt need all that fancy drum stuff. he doesnt overplay. besides, would it help if he played a samba pattern in a Metallica song? hell no.

lars plays what is needed and he delivers. that's the most important thing.

besides, if you get a record deal, that means youre skilled enough to do your stuff. i didnt say a good drummer, i just said skilled enough to deliver what is needed.
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