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Default Re: The "how" thread

I was never really inspired any way to play drums. I just sort of decided one day I'd start and take a few lessons (drum set that is, I had been playing percussion in band before this, but was never really into it).

Music- Before I started drumming, I wasn't huge on music. I listened to Godsmack, Disturbed, and Everclear. When I started drumming, music began to seem different to me. I started playing jazz stuff with the school, and began listening to a lot of prog.

Drummer- There's no drummer that inspired me to play drums, but for the first year or two of drumming I always saw Mike Portnoy as some god of drumming...

Person- I believe it was my band director that asked if I ever thought of playing set (since the previous jazz band drummers were moving up to high school). I figured why not, I'll give it a try. So I guess him, and of course my drum teacher. My parents weren't against it either.

Style- I started out playing some jazz, lattin, and rock. Then I moved to some prog style playing, and eventually lead to metal and death metal. I love to play pretty much everything though. Lately, I've been really into playing a somewhat funk style.

Inspirations- My middle school band director always pushed me, and my teacher taught me well and has a great personality and outlook on life.
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