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Joe Morello - a wonderful person and an awesome drummer. He sits in the same camp as the other heavy weights of the drum world. ( Buddy Rich, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers etc.) Most of his recordings were on Columbia label with Dave Brubeck, but he did others, Tal Farlow on Verve, Sal Salvadore, Gary Burton on RCA, Dick Schory on Ovation, and in later years under his own name on the DMP label.
For anyone who has not checked him out, do it !!!!! Incredible technique yet plays with great taste + sensitivity, along with beautiful brush playing and strong melodic sense. Quite a few of his solos also incorporate some great ostinato plating. I'm going to list some of my favorites of him, (one's that showcase him more) some of which might be a little more familiar, but I will also list a few more obscure items. I feel that any of these are worth checking out. The first few are still available on Cd but the others ( records) are out of print and are a little more difficult to obtain but are still around.
Cd "Time Out" - Elegant + Tasty solo on song "Take Five".
Cd "Time Further Out" - Great solo on "Far More Drums" 5/4 time, and beautiful brush solo on "Charles Matthew Hallelujah.
Cd "Gone With The Wind" - Great brush work throughout, lots of tasty drum breaks, but the song "Shortnin' Bread" is a stand out. One of the most melodic drum solos you will ever hear.
Cd "D.Brubeck Quartet at Carnegie Hall" - Great cd with lots of spaces for for Joe to fill in, but the absolute hi-lite is " Castilian Drums " a 13 Min. song with about 10 mins. of it being a solo by Joe. It's incredible and mostly in 5/4 time, and on a 4 piece drum kit. Not to be missed.
Cd "Jazz Impressions of Japan " - Wonderful solo on " Osaka Blues". To me worth the Cd alone.
Cd "Countdown " and "Time Changes " - At present only available on Cd format in a boxed set from Columbia, but you can still find the records. Countdown is overall a very good record, and features a version of "Castilian Drums", the "Time Changes" issue has a track
"Shim Wha" which features an excellent 3/4 time drum solo.
These below are harder to find (out of print) but well worth looking for.
LP " Jazz Inpressions of the U.S.A. - Issued in Mono only. Great Great solo on a song
"Sounds of the Loop". Incredible left hand triplets and interplay between the snare and Toms. Done before the days of Multitracking, so the left hand triplets are not over dubbed.
Lp " Dave Brubeck Quartet in Europe" - Awesome solo on the song "Watusi Drums". This can be found once in a while on an Import Cd but is fairly rare. Of interest .....The LP version was issued in both mono + stereo. The LPs are identical, except for the track
"Watusi Drums". For some reason Columbia used a different version for the mono LP, and another version for the stereo. Both solo's are great, but you can certainly hear the difference.

LP " Jackpot " live from LasVegas - great extended solo on the song "Jackpot"
LP "Dave Brubeck Quartet Newport 1958" Can be found on an import CD but I'ts rare. The album is easier to find. The song " C Jam Blues" features a great drum solo.
LP "The Southern Scene" has a neat-melodic solo on "Deep in the heart of Texas " Very cool.
LP Dave Brubeck Quartet "The Riddle" A milder LP, but the song 'Swingin 'round' has a great brush solo on it. Just a great solo. So tasty.
LP 'It's About Time" by Joe Morello on RCA. A superb album by Joe with a big band and a quartet. Most of it was re-issued on a cd titled "Joe Morello" on RCA in 1989 but is now out of print.
LP "Dick Schory at Carnegie Hall" on Ovation records. a 2 lp set, Joe featured on one track 'Concerto for Jazz Drums'. A track well worth the LP it'self. A drum solo beyond
category !!!!
Also LPs by Gary Burton on RCA "New Vibe Man in Town" + Who is Gary Burton".
These are some of my favorites but does not cover all of his works. Wayne
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