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Originally Posted by capnrusty
Hi Alex,

Just wanted to say thanks for the great drumming. You played on a CD that was very popular at the college I attended. It was the Jackie McLean and Dexter Gordon album called "The Source." We used to listen to that album all the time. J Mac was a teacher and a mentor to me and listening to that recording brings back a lot of fond memories. What I wouldn't give to play with him just one more time. Fire!!! Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for your music. :)
Hi there Capnrusty,
Thank you very much for reminding me of that record - and those days! Must have been something to have been taught by such a great and strong player as Jackie McLean!
I'm happy to hear that that particular recording with us has meant so much to you. It sure has meant a lot to me too to have had the chance to play with these guys. Thanks again!

Best wishes
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