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If Dave Weckl saw the accolades his fans give him, do you think he'd be embarressed? People often say that drumming is not a competition, and your affinity for one drummers' 'style' over anothers' is a subjective thing. If that is the case, why should I, or anyone be 'embarressed' for thinking that Travis is one of my favourite drummers, and why should he be 'embarressed' for having that said about him. Weckl may be technically far superior, but I enjoy Travis's feel, and his own sort of creativity a lot more.

Lots of people often say 'yeah, Travis is good, but you need to keep it in perspective' - and I think that argument only works on the grounds of technicality (and Travis actually has very efficient technique) - if someone says Travis is their favourite drummer, I think it is unfair to just write them off as an idiot, or a inexperienced drummer.

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