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Originally Posted by Chris182
I think Travis is great drummer no matter what u guys say his technique or skill is being fast so what if he uses it in his solo at least he shows he can play really fast and really clean. He's also amazing by combining many rudiments cdombining different styles music.he knows what to do with his solos he does basso novaS anything he's showing he can do it all those drummers are great drummers too that u guys are talking about but u guys just have to under stand hes really good hes won many awards and that proofs it. so thats all i have to say Travis is amazing drummer I admire him for his quickness , style,everything he's done to this world.
The issue is not whether he can play fast and clean (since when was that a measure of a great drummer) of whether or not he's won loads of awards (for most part, awards are no measure of a good band, it's all BS). The main issue I personally have is with hero worship. Is Travis good? Yes, definately. But I think if he saw all the accolades his fans give him all the time he'd be more than embarassed.
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