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Originally Posted by HardcoreLogo
The whole thing that bugged me was to hear that a "pro" drummer would go on a public forum and talk crap, .....sure, everyone has an opinion, but, lets say I went to your house and you asked me if ur new baby was cute , what would think if I said
"Well, the shoes are nice........"?
I love so many drummers for so many reasons that I find something good to say about almost anyone I hear play well, just like I would probaly humor you and say,
"You're baby has your eyes......"
Bloody hell you people all need to stop being so touchy. It's not like Joe's been paying social visits to Mike at home and telling him he has ugly kids. Dream Theater put music on public display, Joe paid to go see it and didn't enjoy what he saw.

Joe put his opinion here on public display, and some of you don't like what you see. Well, big deal. None of us have any right to tell Dream Theater to just give up and go get day jobs, likewise none of you have any right to tell Joe he's not allowed to assert his musical opinions in a public forum. Particularly when he's clearly somebody who actually knows what he's talking about.

The only reason I even pointed out that Joe was a pro with a page on DW was because he was being accused of being a poor player just because he didn't like Dream Theater. That was obviously asinine, so I felt the need to point that out. It's a stupid argument, but made with unfortunate regularity on the thread for almost any contentious drummer - be it Portnoy or Weckl, Travis Barker or Joey Jordison. This time it just happened to be made towards the wrong person.

But realistically it doesn't even make a difference if Joe's a pro or not. He has a right to say what he thinks, just as you or I do. Do you people really have such trouble processing dissenting opinions?
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