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It's taken a while to get through this post! I have to say that I come down on the side of Finn and I think he was right in commenting that those of us that adhere more to the Purdie/Gadd groove side of things find less enjoyment in listening to Portnoy. That is not to say that he is not an adept and good drummer - just that his playing does not inspire the same range of emotional reaction in all of us.

I do think, however, that some posters have gone overboard in their reaction to Joe's post. Of course, I have some self interest here in that I feel similarly and actually posted earlier also pointing out that I also liked MP's shoes! I am sure Joe had no intention of being controversial but was just posting an opinion: an opinion based on a wealth of talent and experience. And, may I be so bold as to suggest, an opinion to which many "he's my favorite drummer/they're my favorite band/how dare he/it's like he insulted my Momma" posters, should probably defer. Or at least, if not deferring, they should probably reflect on why he might have said that. Oh my God!! Maybe he's right!!

A criticism from someone with the basis to make such a criticism is not a personal attack on you and your likes and dislikes. Listen, evaluate, reflect and learn! If after all of that you disagree then so be it. And, by the way, I truly disagree that there was anything unprofessional in Joe's post.

You should feel free to diagree with me - I won't be offended!

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