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I just wanted to say that just because a drummer doesnt play technicaly difficult grooves or fills does not make them a bad drummer. to be a good drummer you must also be a good musician. and the most important thing when playing with a group is what you add to the music to make it better. Some music reqiures technicaly difficult parts in places and in some music the most simple groove fits perfectly.

Im not trying to cut this guy down or disrespect him in any way im just using this quote from his last post as an example.

Infernal Drummer: ["bands like them (Blink 182) and red hot chilli peppers, green day and all those, "normal" type music/drumming is very easy, or fairly easy to play. so i dont think the drummers in those band are "awesome". i mean they do their part, and they do it well.. easy for most drummers who are learning like me."]

Now infernal drummer probably has some musicical experience but, it took me a number of years to realize this myself. These so called "normal" bands or "normal" music i gaurentee is not that easy to play if you do it like these guys do.

What inexperienced drummers dont notice is the perfect timing, and the feel of the groove that drummers like Chad Smith put into there playing. Little things like very low volume ghost notes that you wouldnt notice unless you were listening closely, as well as the placement of these notes in the song are commonly over looked.

As for Travis even of your a blink fan or not, he changed the entire sound of that band, how they play, write songs, everything. there are a lot of bands out there that you can tell their drummer was influenced by Travis. I dont beleive his drumming can be catigorized as normal, he has a sound and a style that no one brought to the table before him.
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