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Tommy is wonderful. Mainly in a live setting. I've seen him twice with Whitesnake and I cannot think of anyone more impressive than Tommy in the hard rock world. Not even Carmine Appice whom I saw live with Ozzy in 1983 opening for Whitesnake with Cozy Powell on drums.

The "hands" section in his solo is a classic and he's been doing it for years. There is a new Whitesnake CD/DVD - "Live In the Still Of The Night" - that features some amazing drumming from Tommy.

A friend of mine was MD and two others played/attended (they're top L.A. cats) for the Yamaha Groove Night at the NAMM 2006 and they all commented how impressive Tommy was. To impress those guys, one must be doing something right ! :-)

Tommy to me is hands down the best hard rock drummer of all time.
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