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Originally Posted by Latin Groover
I bought another set of sticks about 1 and a half weeks ago and one pair that i got where those Zildjian Trilok Guruto one's. I liked them in he shop but when i played with them on my kit. I tell you now i've never played a more umcomfortable stick in my life(Im not talking dimensions or finish feel here). The viabrations just go right through the stick. I cant play with them. Just doesn't absorb any of the viabrations at all. I find Vater are extremly durable. But they slip in my hands cause they're so smooth.
i tried vaters -- and had the same results on the sticks i tried. I know that a lot of people love vaters, but i found they had too much stick vibration and i was not a fan of their finish at all. I ran back to my gadd sigs, and while they do chip and shread like nobodys business, they are still the most comfortable sticks i have ever used.

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