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You are right on these two points. But to me that is just not enough - and both things I knew allready years ago because I was lucky having very good teachers. You can also say this in two sentences, like you did. You donīt need a double DVD for that.

What I want to say with my review is, that too much time is wasted for useless stuff and showing off. I donīt like that. But as I also said in my review I think Lang is great and many things on the DVD are very cool. It is just that I personally was very disappointed because I saw him in one clinic that was very different from this DVD and much better.

Lang is a master of the drums and an almost unlimted source of information and wisdom. Get the other DVDs of him, they are more usefull for most of the people. If you like to see cutting edge drumming (although with not that much musical value imho) - get this DVD.

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