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Originally Posted by pinkdaffodil
SOD and Slipknot uses the same drummer?????? (system of a slipknot is the title, so.,.I am hoping I am wrong)....

I have always thought of them as two different (one good, and one ....not to my any any strech of the word ) drummers.

I like what I hear from System of a Down, and sure, he is fast in slipknot, but fast is not always good. All he does is double pedal and around the toms (it gets really booring after the first couple of seconds). absolutely no imagination, nothing inovative, no nothing....(in my oppinion, I am sure a lot of people will like him...I mean no disrespect to them. This is my oppinion, and my taste only...and before anyone feels the need to kill me...I am no authority in music, so relax)

Ofcourse I am in no position to belitle anyone. I am sure he is better then me, but I would never listen to that...

Maybe I am too blinded by my dislike for slipknot But WOW, I would have never guessed....

I am trailing off on a am surprised. I would have never guessed from just listening to them.
dude. title is "jon dolmayan" . the writers name is "system of a slipknot" :)

p.s. i like john's setup, with all those cymbals..
helloween: im alive.. now thats good drumming

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