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Originally Posted by LinearDrummer
Did a search and I'm pretty sure theres nothing here on him....

C'mon all you Funk Drummers - surely there are some Mike Clark fans...Everyone always thinks of Garabaldi and Cobham etc...but Mike was doin some cool stuff back in the day also..

The Headhunters are a must for any funk/fusion drummers cd collection...Is this guy underrated or what...
Wow. I almost started a thread about him yesterday.

I actually don't know much about him nor am I sure what popular songs he plays drums on. I only know him from the video.... "Funky Drummers".....which gives about a 15 minute segment from his own video with him and a bass player. I was definitely impressed and know he is a top notch drummer. I'll have to check out The Headhunters. I'm sure I'll love it.
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