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Originally Posted by Josh is a cult
I need to get this out....
I LOVE BLINK-182. They write catchy fun music.
I LOVE BOXCAR RACERr they also write good music.
I like most of his projects, and the rest of the blink guys.
Travis barker is pretty damn good in my opinion, but i take my inspiration from EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, classic drummers, Great drummers, bad drummers, local drummers..Life lessons, spirituality, my surroundings, my lifestyle. I incorporate all of this in my drumming.
EVERY ASPECT OF MY LIFE is in my drumming.
music is about feeling, he show is well.
Its all opinion, thats mine.
and I must say he looked like an ass up there with the country stars, he shoulda chilled out, and that wasnt his place.

sorry for typing so much crap... maby im right maby im wrong, o well. =]
well i dont own a blink 182 cd.. but i love the videos they made and like you i get influenced by alot of drummers.. bands like them and red hot chilli peppers, green day and all those, "normal" type music/drumming is very easy, or fairly easy to play. so i dont think the drummers in those band are "awesome". i mean they do their part, and they do it well.. easy for most drummers who are learning like me.
helloween: im alive.. now thats good drumming

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