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Originally Posted by crdn
Rush is one of those bands that you either love or hate because of the high vocals not because of the drummer. I think everyone would agree that Neil Peart is an amazing musician and has inspired tons of newbies into developing their craft. There are very few in the world today that would disagree with that statement I'm sure.
Gavin Harrison, Jason Bittner and Mike Portnoy are anything but "newbies" and I've read countless articles from them saying Neil was one of their biggest unless I'm misunderstanding you I'm not sure what you are stating....

Originally Posted by Knevildrummer
Maybe they surpass Neil in the "drumming" department but if you take a broader look at it, Neil has achieved a much more worthy goal. He has managed to communicate a part of himself (through lyrics and music) to the world not just blown a few drummers away with his blazing chops
Couldn't have said it any better ;-)
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