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Default Re: your wisdom woodshed

Originally Posted by James_E
I only have an e-kit right now. I practice on acoustic sets out of the house at friends place or I rent space occasionally ($15/hour including the kit!). I normally run the e-kit into a guitarport, set to "No Amp" and play along with MP3s stored on the PC using the guitar port. It has looping built right in so I can loop pieces of tunes to get through them correctly, and can also play them at half speed for learning. I play this thing at all hours of the night through headphones.. great for practice.

The TV is for watching drum DVDs and for the kids Xbox. My beloved LP is also in the pics. I love her. That classical guitar is a little $100 cheap plywood thing that is my "beater", that amazingly holds it's tune for weeks on end and sounds pretty good.

Here's my world:

I liked the Groove Essentials poster.I have mine on the wall too ;p
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